Watch out for those pool toys!

It’s Play Time… Who doesn’t enjoy lounging in the pool on their favorite float? Pool time definitely equals play time, but your toys also require maintenance. Although this might surprise you, we can’t tell you how many times we’ve answered calls regarding mysterious issues with intake lines and low water pressure. Our service tech shows up and – oops – there’s a toy soldier or a balloon carcass that is blocking the entire system.  In order to protect your pool system, here are some dos and donts for pool toys.

  1. If it’s plastic, don’t leave it in the pool. Loungers and pool floats are one of the most popular toys. But over time, the plastic breaks down due to constant exposure of water, sun and heat. An easy rule of thumb – when you get out of your pool, take your float with you. To preserve it, store it in a clean, shady spot.
  2. Who doesn’t love water balloons? They are a fun and inexpensive way for kids to play in and around the pool. Yet when those break, the pieces can be quickly pulled into your pool system where they can clog your lines or worse, shred into your filter and motor. Believe us – we’ve seen the damage and it’s an expensive fix!
  3. The same goes for tennis balls. Fido may love to fetch them in your pool, but the balls can get holes and block your intake lines.
  4. Although it’s not a “pool toy,” keep an eye on those discarded juice boxes.
  5. Pool basketball or volleyball nets should not be left hanging over the pool for an extended period of time.

We aren’t advising against using any of these fun toys, but here are some easy ways to protect your pool:

  1. Purchase an outdoor storage box for your toys and pile them in there. You can find these at most major retailers.
  2. Check your toys regularly for holes or splits. Although most floats can be patched, check around the hole for additional cracks in the plastic. If you see any spreading cracks, trash them immediately.
  3. Make sure that small toys such as pick-up sticks, plastic toy guns, and balloons are not lying near the edge of the pool. These lightweight toys can easily be blown into the pool and cause damage.

Now, it doesn’t take a lot of time to make sure your pool is a play zone and we highly encourage fun, family time. However, at Tropical Pools and Pavers, we like to add beauty to your backyard and we don’t want to be the bearer of bad news when we have to replace your system due to Junior’s love of action figures.