Pool Waterfalls in Florida: Majestic Creations Up the Ambience

The cool, clean water rushes down into the blue pool, filling the yard with soothing, natural sound and inviting you into the relaxing water. Custom pool waterfalls can create a unique atmosphere in any backyard with a pool, but many people think they are simply too expensive.


But at Tropical Pools and Pavers, we can create a custom swimming pool waterfall for your backyard without breaking your budget. We can build unique water features that will add value to your home and enhance your summertime experience.


Swimming pool waterfalls add a touch of fantasy and a whole lot of fun to any backyard pool. Our experienced designers can build water features in any style you can imagine and even styles you can’t! Our most popular pool waterfalls include

  • Natural rock waterfalls
  • Boulder waterfalls
  • Cascade waterfalls
  • Ledge waterfalls
  • Flagstone waterfalls

Complete Your Custom Pool Waterfall with Dramatic Lighting Effects

Scientific studies have shown that the sound of running water is a natural stress fighter. And we can complete your dream backyard waterfall with dramatic lighting effects that add color and fantasy to your custom theme. Choose from many themes, such as a Spanish or Tropical motif—our expert design team will work with you to create the ultimate custom waterfall for your backyard.