Tampa Pavers at Tropical Pools and Pavers Will Pave You a Paradise

The ancient art of interlocking pavers and tile can create an intricate statement in your backyard that will blow away your family and guests. Built on a solid foundation of stone and sand, customized flagstones beautifully fill the spaces between spaces to make your dream backyard the best it can be.


At Tropical Pools and Pavers, we use only the best paving and tile products from leading manufacturers, available in a natural stone Travertine or durable acrylic. And we give you a host of finishes and colors to choose from, including natural and blended colors:

  • Solid gray cement based colors
  • Blended gray cement based colors
  • Solid white cement based colors
  • Blended white cement based colors
  • Premium solid colors
  • Premium blend colors
  • Natural Stone Travertine

Tropical Pools and Pavers: Tampa’s Best Source for Stunning Backyard Creations

With so many choices, it’s easy to be overwhelmed—you can mix and match tiles based on any desired focal point, create unique rock walls and waterfalls, or make special patterns that will keep your guests enthralled. But rest assured, our experienced team of professional designers will help you make the right choices for your yard and budget.


Fully customizable, our pavers are easy to maintain and will add value to your home. Our paving experts can recommend the best sealants and finishes to ensure your pavement and tile designs are built to last.