When hydrotherapy is a necessity and not an option

Submerge yourself in water and feel all of your cares melt away. Arguably one of the easiest forms of exercise for the body and the soul, hydrotherapy – whether it’s in a pool or a spa – is an acknowledged form of treating ailments and illness that dates back to ancient times.

At Tropical Pools and Pavers, we take pride in creating the perfect paradise for our customers, but a recent project combined our love of beauty with custom accessibility so that our customer could get his daily dose of hydrotherapy.  This custom project included a zero-entry pool ramp that allows him to utilize a special wheel chair to slowly descend into the water. These ramps provide the slope ratio that is equivalent of walking into the ocean and feeling the shelf gradually drop. Utilizing this ramp and the wheel chair accessibility allows him to slowly acclimate to the water and immerse himself in a gravity-free environment.

All of the accessibility options in this custom pool comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act and each feature was carefully designed to meet the physical requirements of our customer. As you look at the pictures, you will see the special lift chair that allows him to enter either the pool or the hot tub. Each of these features provide him with a custom paradise where he can relax and exercise.

As you look at the pictures, you can see all of the custom functional features that went into the pool. However, you will also see all of the custom details that are the trademark at Tropical Pools and Pavers. From the design of the pool interior to the pavers to the waterfall, each of these features was added into the pool in order to create beauty and functionality. If you want to build a new pool or renovate your existing pool, contact us to discuss your custom paradise.

Happy Swimming!