Light up your paradise.

With all of the stressors in our daily existence, one of the biggest reasons people construct or renovate a pool is because they want to create their own oasis. If you want to walk into your back yard and feel the stress melt away, let’s look at an enlightening feature that gives you that luxurious resort feeling when you step out your back door.

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Add brilliance and create the right ambiance in your backyard with the new LED lighting capabilities. These amazing lights utilize advanced controls that allow you to instantly add a spectrum of possibilities.  You can choose basic colors, use a programmed combination or create your own! See how inviting your pool can be when you go from basic blue to a gorgeous Caribbean Blue. Feeling a little less blue? How about jumping into a Jungle Green pool that adds the right shades and shadows? Choose your mood and simply press the button to transform your oasis.

Brilliance that lasts 

These LED lighting capabilities not only add beauty to your pool, they can also add green to your wallet! The lights last for approximately 50,000 hours but use only 50 watts of power per hour. In addition to the savings, these systems do not use motors or moving parts that have to constantly be replaced.

If you look at some of the pool projects on the Tropical Pools and Pavers website, you can see how different lighting can be changed by using the LED technology. We not only install these systems, we will help you program the lighting to reflect your mood.