Grateful I hired this company

I wish I could really express how grateful I am that I hired this company. I’m thrilled with what they have done for us. Our pool is more gorgeous than I imagined it could be. Our sales person, Jon, was very honest. We met with 6 other companies and when I started asking about some features we wanted for our pool, he was less expensive and explained what it costs them to install that feature and what they made off it. The honesty was refreshing after all the other  salesmen I spoke to. He also explained that we needed a special line put in for the cleaner we wanted, that none of the other salesmen mentioned which made me feel like I could trust that he really knew what he was talking about. The plans, pricing, contract all went seamlessly. We knew we were in line behind other builds. When our time came to start, men were here at 8am each morning that they were suppose to work I was never chasing down “when will you be here”. The man who runs the build, Curtis, was awesome! He answered all my millions of questions along the way. He never tried to nickel and dime me, which I’d heard stories about other companies doing and was worried about. Everything went off without a hitch. Our job was particularly complicated because our yard is large and the house is old, 1928, with lots of strange complications. The rocked it. The pavers are beautiful! The sales person, Jon did warn me that if I went with a particular paver company I had picked out that they take a little longer., he was right but in the end it was worth it. I also used their paver guy, Junior, to seal out pavers after. I’m so happy with the outcome and how they took care of us…I’d recommend them to anyone.

Jessica Seldin