Start it Up!

It’s hot and you are waiting to jump into that beautiful new pool or spa in your backyard…But it’s not finished….And you are watching the hose slowly fill it up…

What could be wrong with kicking around in the giant puddle that’s forming in your backyard? Well, you could completely destroy your investment.

We understand the desire to jump in, but after your new pool (or renovated pool) is finished, there are a few steps to ensure that you don’t mess up your new toy before it’s finished. How? After construction is complete, Tropical Pools and Pavers gives you a step-by-step process that is easy to follow, but each step is critical. Why? During the first 28 days the pool finish starts to hydrate and your pool is susceptible to staining, scaling or discoloration.

You can always compare filling your pool to watching paint dry. You want it to hurry up and dry so you can see your efforts, but if one of the kids puts a big hand print in the middle of the wall, you know you will be repainting. The pool surface is just as sensitive and needs this time to absorb the water so it can sparkle.

tropical-swimming-pool-installersSo even though we provide you with the step-by-step info for filling your pool, make sure that you:

  • Fill your pool as rapidly as possible to the middle of the skim line without interrupting the water flow. This will prevent a “bowl ring” from forming.
  • Attach a clean rag on the end of the hose and put it in the deepest area of the pool to protect the surface from damage.
  • Don’t allow any wheeled devices (such as a pool cleaner) into the pool for the first 28 days.
  • Don’t allow people, pets or external water sources (such as sprinklers) to get into the pool while it is filling.  During this critical period any of these can easily mess up the water balance or the pool surface.
  • Once the water level reaches the middle of the skim line, test the pH, alkalinity, calcium hardness and metals. Record all of these results.
  • As soon as the pool is filled, start the filtration system immediately.

Now based upon the size of your pool or hot tub, it can take a few days to completely reach the skim line. In the meantime, go visit the pool store and pick up those new floats, toys or those chemicals that you will need as soon as it is ready.

When hydrotherapy is a necessity and not an option

Submerge yourself in water and feel all of your cares melt away. Arguably one of the easiest forms of exercise for the body and the soul, hydrotherapy – whether it’s in a pool or a spa – is an acknowledged form of treating ailments and illness that dates back to ancient times.

At Tropical Pools and Pavers, we take pride in creating the perfect paradise for our customers, but a recent project combined our love of beauty with custom accessibility so that our customer could get his daily dose of hydrotherapy.  This custom project included a zero-entry pool ramp that allows him to utilize a special wheel chair to slowly descend into the water. These ramps provide the slope ratio that is equivalent of walking into the ocean and feeling the shelf gradually drop. Utilizing this ramp and the wheel chair accessibility allows him to slowly acclimate to the water and immerse himself in a gravity-free environment.

All of the accessibility options in this custom pool comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act and each feature was carefully designed to meet the physical requirements of our customer. As you look at the pictures, you will see the special lift chair that allows him to enter either the pool or the hot tub. Each of these features provide him with a custom paradise where he can relax and exercise.

As you look at the pictures, you can see all of the custom functional features that went into the pool. However, you will also see all of the custom details that are the trademark at Tropical Pools and Pavers. From the design of the pool interior to the pavers to the waterfall, each of these features was added into the pool in order to create beauty and functionality. If you want to build a new pool or renovate your existing pool, contact us to discuss your custom paradise.

Happy Swimming!

Watch out for those pool toys!

It’s Play Time… Who doesn’t enjoy lounging in the pool on their favorite float? Pool time definitely equals play time, but your toys also require maintenance. Although this might surprise you, we can’t tell you how many times we’ve answered calls regarding mysterious issues with intake lines and low water pressure. Our service tech shows up and – oops – there’s a toy soldier or a balloon carcass that is blocking the entire system.  In order to protect your pool system, here are some dos and donts for pool toys.

  1. If it’s plastic, don’t leave it in the pool. Loungers and pool floats are one of the most popular toys. But over time, the plastic breaks down due to constant exposure of water, sun and heat. An easy rule of thumb – when you get out of your pool, take your float with you. To preserve it, store it in a clean, shady spot.
  2. Who doesn’t love water balloons? They are a fun and inexpensive way for kids to play in and around the pool. Yet when those break, the pieces can be quickly pulled into your pool system where they can clog your lines or worse, shred into your filter and motor. Believe us – we’ve seen the damage and it’s an expensive fix!
  3. The same goes for tennis balls. Fido may love to fetch them in your pool, but the balls can get holes and block your intake lines.
  4. Although it’s not a “pool toy,” keep an eye on those discarded juice boxes.
  5. Pool basketball or volleyball nets should not be left hanging over the pool for an extended period of time.

We aren’t advising against using any of these fun toys, but here are some easy ways to protect your pool:

  1. Purchase an outdoor storage box for your toys and pile them in there. You can find these at most major retailers.
  2. Check your toys regularly for holes or splits. Although most floats can be patched, check around the hole for additional cracks in the plastic. If you see any spreading cracks, trash them immediately.
  3. Make sure that small toys such as pick-up sticks, plastic toy guns, and balloons are not lying near the edge of the pool. These lightweight toys can easily be blown into the pool and cause damage.

Now, it doesn’t take a lot of time to make sure your pool is a play zone and we highly encourage fun, family time. However, at Tropical Pools and Pavers, we like to add beauty to your backyard and we don’t want to be the bearer of bad news when we have to replace your system due to Junior’s love of action figures.

Light up your paradise.

With all of the stressors in our daily existence, one of the biggest reasons people construct or renovate a pool is because they want to create their own oasis. If you want to walk into your back yard and feel the stress melt away, let’s look at an enlightening feature that gives you that luxurious resort feeling when you step out your back door.

Light the mood, Pool, Spa, Pavers, Outdoor Lighting.

Add brilliance and create the right ambiance in your backyard with the new LED lighting capabilities. These amazing lights utilize advanced controls that allow you to instantly add a spectrum of possibilities.  You can choose basic colors, use a programmed combination or create your own! See how inviting your pool can be when you go from basic blue to a gorgeous Caribbean Blue. Feeling a little less blue? How about jumping into a Jungle Green pool that adds the right shades and shadows? Choose your mood and simply press the button to transform your oasis.

Brilliance that lasts 

These LED lighting capabilities not only add beauty to your pool, they can also add green to your wallet! The lights last for approximately 50,000 hours but use only 50 watts of power per hour. In addition to the savings, these systems do not use motors or moving parts that have to constantly be replaced.

If you look at some of the pool projects on the Tropical Pools and Pavers website, you can see how different lighting can be changed by using the LED technology. We not only install these systems, we will help you program the lighting to reflect your mood.

Thanks and thoughts for one year of blessings and beauty

The traditional gift on a one year anniversary is paper, but to celebrate the anniversary of Tropical Pools and Pavers, we are putting pen to paper in order to thank everyone for making this a beautiful celebration. A year ago today, we combined over 40 years of experience to create a company that takes your imagination and builds a beautiful reality. Yet in order to make your dreams part of your daily existence, there are so many people that helped us accomplish this milestone.

Working with our amazing subcontractors and suppliers – from pavers to pumps to plants – we’ve been blessed to utilize immeasurable knowledge and durable products in all of our beautification projects. Whether you are sitting out back each morning, relaxing after a long day or watching your friends and family enjoy your custom creation, you may not see all of the pieces that went into each aspect of the design, but that is the mission of each project – to create a paradise that is filled with harmony. We could not build these pockets of beauty without our subcontractors, supplies and partners.

Which brings us to the most important piece of our success – you. We appreciate the trust that you’ve shown by hiring our Tropical Pools and Pavers team to create your backyard paradise. Our “before and after” pictures (as well as the customer recommendations) that can be found on our website only tell a portion of the story. Although we are proud of our creations, as we blow out the one year candle on the cake, we thank you for our biggest gift – the endearing and enduring friendship that we’ve received throughout this past year!

Thank you from the team at Tropical Pools and Pavers!