An innovative thought for Earth Day. Install a variable speed pool pump and see lots of green!

Many people equate Earth Day with planting a tree. But if you have a pool, there’s an easy way to dramatically save water, chemicals and electricity – install a variable speed pool pump. How can one pump create such a difference on your pool (and your wallet)? Let’s take a closer look.

Energy efficiency Shocking fact: Some people pay more in one year running their pool than they pay to run the appliances in their home.

Variable speed motors run at multiple speeds. By reducing the speed of the motor, the water moves more slowly throughout the entire system and reduces damaging water torque to the filter, pump and other pool equipment. However, the pool experts agree that by moving the water at a slower rate, you can still cycle the entire pool but decrease your energy costs by up to 70% per year. How does this work? Compare it to a car. If you are driving at 80mph, you will use much more gas than if you are driving at 40mph. Now, you still want to reach your destination, but how much gas did you save by driving at a slower pace? The same amount of energy conservation can be applied to your pool.

Let’s break it down to actual numbers – if you are using a standard pool pump, your electric usage is approximately 2kW per hour. Installing a variable speed pump, your electric usage is approximately 0.29kW per hour. Now take your electric bill and figure out how much you are paying per kW. When you do the math, you will instantly recognize the dramatic difference in savings.

Water and chemical efficiency If you have water features on your system such as fountains or waterfalls, the precise controls on the variable speed pumps allow you to adjust the rate of water that moves through different parts of the system. This can substantially decrease the amount of water and chemicals that evaporate as the pool cycles.

One final note: Reduce noise pollution If you have a pool and a standard pump, you probably notice a tremendous increase in noise when you are running your system. The Jandy Variable Speed Pump product line includes a Stealth™ product that utilizes Jandy’s “Quiet Technology” so you barely hear it running!

How to choose? Call us. Tropical Pools and Pavers can help you design a complete energy efficient package for your pool. We supply a complete line of Jandy Variable Speed Pumps and will set them up to optimize your energy costs. If you would like to see how we can add a piece of paradise (and lots of earth-friendly vegetation) to your backyard, visit our website at